PAWSITIVE HAPPENINGS - December 2017 Veterinarian Newsletter

Posted December 15, 2017 in Articles
Clinic Updates
Surgery and Oncology services at VECCNH
We are happy to welcome our new ER doctors who bring a wealth of enthusiasm and experience to assist your patients!
Congratulations to Monique Demers, CVT and Amanda Porter, CVT for passing their National Technician Exams!

Despite the colder weather-still seeing significant flea problems-recent case of severe flea anemia in an adult feline!
We are participating in a fundraiser for the Greater Lakes Region Children's auction-For more information or to donate follow this link:
Surgery services have expanded to 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, to help your patients in a timely manner!
Warm welcome to our new hospital administrator: Marisa Pirkey, BS, CM
Also welcoming: John Mutuberria, CVT to the surgical staff and Kayla Barclay to our front desk!

Critical care, Cardiopulmonary medicine, Imaging







Heather Jones DVM, MS, DACVIM (neuro)


Keith Montgomery DVM, DACVO
Kim Johnson DVM, DACVIM (onc)
Marlene Hauck DVM, PhD, DACVIM (onc)
Sean Kennedy DVM, DACVS
Stephanie Lister Grey DVM, MSc DACVS
April Chambers, DVM
Ashley Dunn, DVM
Jessica Cioffi, DVM
Gina Dinallo, DVM
Adrian Cloutier, DVM       
Ali Haghnazary, DVM 
Casey Cole, BVM             
Amanda Profita, DVM
Timothy Hunt, DVM
We are pleased to be offering referral surgery and oncology availability at VECC again.  Dr. Stephanie Lister Grey is in our Newington office on Mondays and Tuesdays for referral surgery appointments (Manchester on Thursdays and Fridays).  She also provides support to our emergency doctors after hours for difficult cases, and is happy to discuss cases prior to referral.  Oncology is available at VECC on Wednesdays (Thursdays and Fridays in Manchester) - alternating weeks between Dr. Kim Johnson and Dr. Marlene Hauck.  Both Dr. Hauck and Dr. Johnson have extensive experience and provide compassionate / expert care /advice and options to clients when faced with a challenging diagnosis.
Juvenile Pubic Symphysiodesis (JPS)
While there are many medical and surgical options for treatment of canine hip dysplasia, juvenile pubic symphysiodesis (JPS) is one of the better, lesser known options.
JPS is a procedure with similar goal as TPO - but is accomplished biologically during growth of the pelvis.  If the pubic symphysis is shut down during the period of most rapid growth - than the pelvis will grow at a slower rate ventrally than from the sides / top, causing acetabular conformation to improve.  This is accomplished via a relatively quick procedure with cauterization of the pubic symphysis growth plate - avoiding need for multiple osteotomies and bone plates / screws.
JPS is a procedure with a short window of opportunity - ideally between 16-20 weeks of age (16 weeks being ideal).  Benefit is only achieved in dogs up to 20 weeks of age - as beyond that point, pelvic growth is substantially slowing, and the benefit is not as significant.  Unfortunately - this is before the age when most patients are diagnosed. While there will be occasional puppies showing symptoms at this age - others can be picked up on routine hip palpation during puppy vaccination visits - the majority are only truly diagnosed with PennHIP screening.
PennHIP is an certification / screening tool for hip dysplasia.   The procedure evaluates for hip laxity, as a precursor to hip dysplasia - giving a ranking based on medians / normal values for the specific breed screened.  Dogs can be certified through PennHIP as young as 16 weeks of age - whereas OFA certification is after 2 years of age.  PennHIP screening should be offered to any young puppy where there is concern about possible hip dysplasia - including puppies showing symptoms, or breeds considered at increased risk (i.e Labradors, Golden retrievers, Rottweilers etc), especially when owners wish to be proactive.  PennHIP is also a valuable tool for your breeding clients, for screening puppies and potential breeding stock at a much younger age.
Both PennHIP and JPS procedures are among those that I am happy to offer to your clients.
Stephanie A. Lister Grey, DVM, MSc, DACVS